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7 Tips for Running Your Melbourne Home Heating More Effectively

7 Tips for Running Your Melbourne Home Heating More Effectively

While Melbourne might not get the freezing winters of parts of Europe or North America, it can still get very cold during those middle months of the year. Keeping your home continuously warm during winter can make the evenings that much cosier, and also make it a lot easier to get up on a cold winter’s morning!

Some of the best options for heating in Melbourne include hydronic (water) heating, reverse cycle ducted heating, split systems, and gas ducted heating. The best type of heating system for your home will depend on a number of factors – including the number of rooms to heat, how many occupants reside in the building, and the size of the space to be heated.

This means it’s important to find a tailored heating solution to suit your budget, your home and your lifestyle. For example, if most of your rooms are empty a lot of the time, but you still want the option to heat them when they are occupied without resorting to wasteful space heaters, you might choose a ducted system with zoning to save costs and reduce wasted energy.

Running your system

Once you’ve selected the best heating for your home, you then need to run it efficiently and effectively. This helps to ensure that your energy costs are minimised, while warmth and comfort are maintained.

Building factors such as materials, thermal mass, and the type of glazing and wall and roof insulation in your home can all make a difference to the effectiveness of your heating system. However, if you have addressed these already or you are not in a position to make changes like new windows or insulation to your home, there are still plenty of other small things you can do to more efficiently run your heating. These include:

1.Draught-proof your home :

a lot of warmed air can be lost through cracks, gaps and small holes in your building, and from around doors and windows. Caulking and weather-stripping products can help to reduce draughts in these instances.

2.Get the temperature right :

thermostats should be set at 18°C to 21°C during the day in cold weather to reduce wasted energy while maintaining comfort.

3.System modes :

options such as timers, sleep or night-time modes on a heating system can be very useful for warming your home according to need.

4.Keep it in good shape :

your heating system should be kept clean, dust-free and well maintained to keep it running at its best. Any filters in your system should be regularly cleaned to prevent them from clogging up with dust and dander.

5.Close it up :

while your system is running, close up windows and doors to prevent loss of warmed air, except where ventilation is required. Doors to unused areas of the home should also be closed off.

6.Cover those windows :

curtains and blinds on the windows can help to keep warm air inside at night.

7.Make use of zoning:

if you have ducted gas heating in Melbourne, or a ducted reverse cycle system, use zoning to heat only the areas in use.

Whether you have ducted heating, gas heating or a hydronic system, running it as efficiently and effectively as possible can help to ensure your home is warm, but your energy bills are reduced. Contact us at Staycool for more information or a quote on our heating systems in Melbourne.

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