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Cooling Systems Melbourne

As the leading air conditioning company in Melbourne we provide a number of different forms of cooling to choose from for your new or existing home. You can select one of the choices below for further information on the main systems;

Ducted Refrigerated Heating & Cooling
Ducted refrigerated heating and cooling is a complete home solution and an effective way to control temperature zones regardless of the external climate.
Ducted Evaporative Cooling
Ducted evaporative cooling is a whole home solution, its benefits including low installation and running costs. An evaporative air conditioner is ideal in Melbourne’s climate, as there are not many humid days in the year.
Split Systems
Wall hung split systems are ideal for single room applications and can be cost-effective to install and run. Multi-head split systems are also available to help you cool several rooms at once using one external unit.

Assistance with Air Conditioner Sales

The ideal solution for your property will depend on a number of factors, including the design and location of your home, whether you require zoning, what your installation and operating budgets will be and whether you will also require a heating system. The different options can easily get confusing. Our experienced and friendly staff can assist with air conditioner sales, providing a free in-home consultation to help you identify the most appropriate type of new cooling system and create a plan that suits your home’s design. We provide friendly, experienced advice on the best products, so talk to our sales team today to find the right air conditioner for your home and unique requirements.

Meticulous Air Conditioner Installation for Melbourne and Victorian Homes

To discuss the most economic and efficient central air conditioning solution for your home, contact our friendly and experienced team today.

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