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Reverse Cycle Ducted Heating for Melbourne Homes

Air Conditioning, Ducted Heating and Gas Heating

Ducted refrigerated heating and cooling provides an all-year solution for your home that is effective in any climate. To heat your home, the system uses the process of refrigeration to transfer heat from outside the home to the air that is recirculated inside. A reverse cycle system can also cool the home in summer, using the same process in reverse to transfer heat from the inside to the outside of the house.

Refrigerated ducted systems reduce humidity levels and filter the air as it comes through the return air grilles and ducts, keeping the climate in your home controlled, clean and comfortable no matter the outside weather. Windows and doors in your home should be kept closed when operating this type of system to ensure the most efficient operation. If you are looking for cooling alternatives, we also provide the best air conditioners and evaporative cooling systems in Melbourne.

Things to consider before installing Ducted Heating

It’s worth considering these factors when planning a new ducted heating system installation:
Zoning divides your home into separate areas, allowing you to heat or cool only the occupied zones and therefore save you money on energy costs. Typical zones include a day zone covering the living areas, and a night zone covering sleeping areas. We can help you plan the ideal install zones for your home when designing your ducted heating system layout.

Inverter Technology controls the speed of the compressor motor to accurately regulate the temperature rather than operating on 100% on or off as with standard systems. The variable control of inverter systems makes them much more efficient than single speed refrigerated air conditioners and can help you save significantly on running costs.

Outlets are available in a variety of styles to best suit the style and décor of your home.

Choosing the Right Ducted Heating

Staycool supplies and installs gas heating systems and reverse cycle systems from leading brands including:

Choosing the ideal option for your home’s new ducted heating system can often be a complex decision. Staycool’s sales and design team can provide a free in-home consultation with no obligation, helping you to identify the best size, style, zones and outlets to suit your current and future lifestyle. Look forward to a warmer winter and a cooler summer with reverse cycle ducted heating and cooling in your home, and contact us today.

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