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Ducted Evaporative Cooling

Efficient and Effective Ducted Cooling for Melbourne Homes


Evaporative air conditioning systems use a simple process to efficiently and effectively cool your home. As warm air is pulled from outside, it is drawn through a wetting medium and cools through the process of evaporation. The cool air is then transported through the ducts in your ceiling to reach the specified rooms in your home, flushing the warmer air through open windows and doors.

have something for every budget and size of home, and can help tailor the best solution for your requirements. We’re proud to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies to bring you greater efficiency, affordability and choice when it comes to purchasing an evaporative cooling system.

The Benefits of Evaporative Ducted Cooling in Melbourne

Evaporative air conditioning is quiet during operation and offers total environment control. This type of system is generally lower in operating and running costs than other systems and requires less maintenance as the system is mechanically simpler than refrigerated systems. It is therefore a great choice for those on a tight budget.

Evaporative cooling works best when the outside air is dry, and Melbourne’s weather is ideal as there are not many humid days in the year. This system constantly brings in fresh, filtered air from outside rather than recycling inside air and as such the air keeps its moisture, unlike with other systems.

Find the Best System for Evaporative Ducted Cooling, Melbourne-Wide

If ducted evaporative air conditioning or add-on cooling sounds ideal for your home or if you aren’t quite sure which style would suit your property, now is the perfect time to arrange a free in-home consultation with our sales and design team. They can help you to plan the best system for your home using the latest technology and products, taking into consideration your budget, lifestyle requirements and the layout of your property.

Contact us today to discuss your unique requirements, and look forward to a cooler, fresher summer in your home.