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Fresh air from outside is drawn into the home through the cooler located on the roof. The cooler has a water supply that wets four pads, the air is then drawn through resulting in the air being cooled through the process of evaporation. As an example , If you wet your finger and then blow on it you will feel the cooling effect of evaporative cooling.

This system is very effective in dry climates. The efficiency drops off as the humidity increases. We offer evaporative cooling services across Melbourne and Victoria.

The amount of water being used is in direct relation to the outdoor humidity level. If it is a hot dry day the unit will use more water through evaporation. The water usage is minimal and you will not notice the impact of using an evaporative system during the summer period.

The use of electricity is very low as it only drives a fan and a very small water pump.

There is no zoning option on the evaporative cooler. However a simple method that is very effective is to control the air by slightly opening windows in the room you want the air. The evaporative system slightly pressurizes the home therefore an open window immediately directs the air to that area.

In an ideal situation a house plan with accurate room dimensions is all your consultant will need to provide an accurate quotation. In some cases this is not possible and a site visit is required to draw up a floor plan and take measurements.

It will cool your house on most days however when there is high humidity the evaporative system does not work as effectively. A refrigerated system will provide cooling throughout extreme heats as it is not impacted by humidity levels.

This is the most effective form of cooling. The process is to transfer heat. Heat is absorbed into a refrigerant gas and dispersed in another area. In summer the heat in your home is collected by the refrigerant in the indoor Fan Coil Unit and dispersed outside through the condenser unit. The same basic principle as your refrigerator in the kitchen.

In winter a reverse cycle system can reverse this process very efficiently giving you heating inside the home.

This is determined by doing a heat load calculation on your specific home by our design team. We then recommend a correctly sized unit to cool or heat your home.

A split system is a unit that can heat or cool a room/area not the whole property, it is generally wall mounted.

For a refrigerated system this is not recommended, however if you have an evaporative cooler installed then it is a requirement to have the windows and or doors open for operation.

Yes, home insulation, window coverings, open doors and windows as well as the set point, all effect the running costs considerably. e.g. for every 1 deg temp difference should result in approx 6% in running costs.

Gas heating can be cheaper to run in Melbourne however with Heat Pump technology, and sensible zoning, reverse cycle systems can be as cheap or cheaper to run. Get all the facts from our sales people.

Yes, depending on the brand and model number of your units there are some that require 2 controllers but majority can be run off the one controller.

Depending on whether your house has been built on a slab or on stumps, the heater can either be installed in the ceiling space, under the floor or external to the house with only the ducts running underneath the property.

Yes you may require additional filtration to assist in managing dust etc but generally they will be suitable.

Our business is based on a supply and install. We do not provide an installation only service.

Cheque, cash, direct deposit or credit cards (both MasterCard and visa) Extended terms can be arranged to approved applicants.

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