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Heating and Cooling

When they need cost-efficient heating and cooling, residents turn to Staycool for air conditioning and heating systems that are built to last. To keep your home and business comfy any time of the year, Staycool offers a wide range of cooling and heating solutions to suit both commercial and residential settings of all kinds.

Melbourne weather goes through a lot of changes over a year’s time. Sometimes, even over a single day. That’s why it’s important to have the right heating and cooling system in place.
Not only does a system have to keep your home or business comfortable, but it must also be cost-efficient. With energy bills skyrocketing, you want the most efficient system possible.

At Staycool, we have excellent relationships with all the nation’s major heating and cooling system manufacturers. These time-tested systems save energy and money while they keep your business or home comfortable all through the year.

Free, No-Obligation Heating and Cooling Consultation

Our expert technicians will measure your home or office to make sure you get the right size and kind of system that will work best with your floor plan. We’ll sit down with you for a free, no-obligation consultation to listen to your needs and find a solution that works well with your home or business building’s design inside and out.

Once you’ve chosen a system, our team will install your system, using only the highest-grade components to give you a system that will last through the years. We’ll work within your home’s existing design, keeping your wishes in mind, to give you a system that not only works flawlessly, but looks good as well.

Heating and Cooling for New Construction

For new homes and business buildings, our team will work closely with your builder to give you the perfect heating and cooling system. All our systems comply with Australian standards for safety and quality.

A Wide Range of Systems to Choose From

We offer our customers a variety of choices to heat and cool their homes and businesses. They include:

    • Ducted refrigerated cooling systems: If you only want a cooling system, a ducted refrigerated system will use ductwork to spread cool air throughout your entire home during warm weather.
    • Ducted refrigerated cooling and heating systems: These systems also use ductwork to channel air around your home, but in this case, will both heat and cool the building. With such a system, you can set temperature zones within the building to keep them at a comfortable temperature all year long.
    • Split systems: With these systems, heating and cooling come from the same system. Lower in cost with less machinery involved, these systems are a perfect solution for those on a budget who want the greatest level of efficiency possible.
    • Multi-head split systems: Like a single-split system, you receive both heating and cooling from the same system, except you can have multiple air handlers (indoor units) that all connect to the same outdoor condenser unit, saving space in your yard or garden for other uses.
    • Gas ducted heating and evaporative cooling systems: One of the most economical and efficient systems, this system combines the low running costs of a ducted evaporated cooling system — perfect for Melbourne’s low-humidity climate — with that of a regular gas ducted heating system. Not only will you have fewer running costs, but these systems are also eco-friendlier, keeping the environment cleaner in the process.

With over 35 years providing homes and businesses with economical, high-quality heating and cooling systems, we back up all installations with a seven-year installation guarantee. Each of the systems we offer also has a manufacturer’s guarantee that covers the unit itself to give you complete peace of mind.

If you are considering a heating and cooling system for your home this year, call our friendly, knowledgeable sales team on 03 9703 2500 for your free, no-obligation today.

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