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Feel the warmth this winter with Australia’s leading home heating solutions!

Staycool has proudly warmed Australian homes for over 30 years. Our qualified technicians determine which heating system will best suit your needs and ensure all specifications are met to keep you warm all winter long.

We are now proudly offering Braemar’s exclusive special $200 CASH BACK OFFER* on 5, 6 and the all-new 7 star gas ducted heater models!


Staycool has been a preferred supplier of Braemar heating and cooling systems in Melbourne for over 20 years. Rest assured, our technicians have the knowledge and experience required to properly install the right Braemar heating system for your home.

Braemar’s latest innovations exceed Australian standards with the world’s first 7-star equivalent* ducted gas heating range.


Installation for new and established homes

If you are building a new home, please send us your structural plans so we can tailor a solution to match your requirements. As we work with many of Australia’s leading home builders, we have successfully installed thousands of heating and cooling systems across Melbourne.

If you have an established home with an old system, our technicians will remove your old system to replace it with the new one. Depending on your home’s layout, it is not always possible to choose any available solution. As part of our initial consultation, we will develop a scope which includes the best options to suit your home specifications and budget.

Enjoy even warmer savings

Varying levels of savings can be achieved depending on the size of your home, the energy rating of the system and how many areas require heating. With rising utility costs already setting in this year, it is important to consider the ongoing savings available for your family.

Braemar has independently sourced ratings for its newest system from Sustainability Victoria. For example, when compared to a ducted electric reverse cycle heater, you can enjoy savings of up to $612 per year in running costs with the new Braemar 7-star ducted gas heater.

*The star rating equivalent is based on the Australian Gas Association results, calculated in accordance with testing methodology in AS/NZS5263.1.6:2016.

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