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Multi Head Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

Multi-Head Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning in Melbourne


A standard multi-head split system has multiple indoor units (Air Handlers) that are located in the rooms you want to condition and an external condenser that will sit outside in a convenient location. You can have these indoor units installed into any room that you may require heating and cooling. Heat pump technology is present in a wide range of split systems on the market today. Heat pumps circulate refrigerant from the indoor unit to the outdoor through an insulated copper pipe. When warm air is passed over the indoor coil the heat is absorbed by the refrigerant. This creates cool airflow that is then expelled into the room. The additional heat that has been absorbed inside is released through the external coil. This process can then be reversed to create heating. If this sounds difficult there is no need to stress, as our team of split system installation specialists across Melbourne make this process a breeze.

Considerations for a Multi-Head Air Conditioner in Melbourne

The following are some of the factors to take into consideration when planning to install a multi-head split system:


If you are building a home and are looking at having a multi-head split system installed it is important that your builder makes the correct allowances for the installation of the internal units. You have a wall hung split system or you can have a totally concealed bulkhead unit installed onto the system. With a concealed bulkhead indoor unit, the builder needs to box out the framework to specified dimensions, plus provide an access panel.

Choosing the Right Multi-Head Air Conditioning installation in Melbourne

When you’re choosing a multi-head reverse cycle split system, it’s important that it suits your existing and future lifestyle as well as the design of your home. Staycool stocks a range of leading brands of wall hung split systems, including:

Our consultants can help you decide on the best options for your new reverse cycle air conditioning system, so give us a call today.

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