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Affordable Year-Round Comfort with Melbourne Split Systems

Split Systems Melbourne

Wall hung split systems are an ideal way to control temperatures in your home throughout the seasons. You might choose to install a single unit in one room, or select a multi-head split system to control multiple rooms. StayCool stocks a range of split systems by leading brands, including:

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Heat pump technology is present in a wide range of split systems on the market today. Heat pumps circulate refrigerant from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit through an insulated copper pipe. When warm air passes over the indoor coil, the heat is absorbed by the refrigerant and released through the external coil, while cool air is expelled into the room. This process can then be reversed to provide heating.

Reverse Cycle Split Systems for Melbourne Homes

Split systems are an ideal solution if you have a limited budget and only want to condition one room in your home. Consider these factors when planning a wall hung split system:

Inverters will help to minimise energy costs

Basic air conditioners regulate temperature by cycling the compressor running at 100% on and off, which uses substantial power. Inverter technology reduces energy costs during peak summer and winter periods by controlling the speed of the compressor motor to regulate the temperature.

Plan ahead for renovations

It’s important that you take any future renovations into account prior to the initial installation, as the split system you choose will need to be correctly sized to accommodate the altered area.
Individual Room Control with Multi-Head Split Systems

Multi-head split systems are a cost-effective way to control individual temperatures across multiple rooms. If you’re building a home and are looking at having a multi-head split system installed, it is important that your builder makes the correct allowances for the installation of the internal units. You could have a wall hung split system, or you could have a completely concealed bulkhead unit installed onto the system. With a concealed bulkhead indoor unit, the builder will need to box out the framework to specified dimensions, plus provide an access panel for servicing. To discuss the best options for your new split system, give Staycool a call today.