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Split System Installation Services in Melbourne

Image of a new split system with free installation in Melbourne

Split systems can cool or heat your area, one room at a time through an indoor unit that connects to a condensing unit outside the building. For top-quality air conditioners that homeowners and businesses can depend on for years of reliable use, turn to Staycool’s team of home comfort experts for the best equipment in the business.

Melbourne’s Top Choice in Split Systems

More than 35 years’ experience providing the city’s residents with dependable HVAC units makes us Melbourne’s number one choice when it comes to HVAC products.

We stock a wide range of split systems by the world’s finest brands to make sure that you get the right solution for your needs. These systems allow you to control the temperature of your home which saves you space, money and time.

Multi-Head Split Systems Give Multi-Room Options

In addition to standalone split systems, we also stock multi-head systems. With a multi-head split system, you can connect multiple indoor units to the same outdoor condenser unit, cooling or warming several rooms in your home efficiently and economically.

The Advantages of Split Systems for Homes and Businesses

With Melbourne’s ever-changing weather, split systems that can handle both warming up and cooling down is an ideal solution.

Here are some other advantages split systems provide:

  • Cheaper, with fewer modifications: Installation is easier and usually cheaper than a ducted system. It causes little modification to your home or place of business and takes up little space both inside and out. Since they run on electricity, you can use solar power as an alternate energy source, if you have solar panels at your home or business.
  • Air purification systems available: Many available split systems come with air purification systems, an advantage for those sensitive to dust or other allergens. Maintenance is easy. Most homeowners and business owners can remove the filters easily to clean them when needed without having to call a handyman or other service provider.
  • Independent control for each room: With multi-head split systems, you can control each unit independently with its designated remote.
  • Concealed bulkhead: In addition to wall-hung split systems, some products have its indoor unit concealed behind a bulkhead with an access panel to allow servicing.

Split systems are the best choice when you want something economical that you can adjust from room to room as needed. You will have the peace of mind that comes from our six year air conditioner installation guarantee in addition to the manufacturer’s guarantee for the units. Don’t gamble on low-quality equipment and installation. Call the experts at Staycool today.

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